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วัชรพงศ์ ทัศน์สูงเนิน
Watcharapong Tassoongnern
CEO and Founder

I have an intention to make Goldves Capital as an online investment platform that concretely be profitable, real, tangible, with responsibility using small amount of money to state the investment. All investors have equal access to income from the online world. However, we accept limited funds to suit the demand - supply we have in hand and also have to maintain stability to allow us to continue to make profit as well. Finally, I wish that one day, this platform will lead the investors to financial freedom as wished.

Investment and System Partners

Maximum income from Dividends or ROl is 8% per month to be returned after 30 days.

Investors who invest 1 million baht will receive a maximum dividend of 8%, which is 8,000 baht. They will not receive 8% after 30 days in one shot, but the system pays out every day 0.2667% for 30 days until 8% is reached. That means investors can withdraw profits every day and the system will return 1 million baht, capital to them after 30 days.

Income from partner dividends 1% per month.

When an investor has a recommended partner in the system , an additional 1% will be paid from the partner's investment without deducting from the dividend of any partner. For example, the partner invests 1 million baht, an investor will earn an additional 1% of the investment of a partner, which is 10,000 baht, with a daily payment of 0.0334% for 30 days, equalling to 1%. and the profit can be withdrawn every day.

Revenue from in partnership recommedation for 20 hierarchical is 0.05% per hierarchical per month.

When investors are not directly referring partners, but our partners are referring investors, we will earn 0.05% monthly income from the investment of such investor without additional payment. The system will pay this portiopn additionally, not deducting from the investor's dividend. The system will pay 0.001667% daily, 30 days is 0.05% and the profit can be withdrawn every day.

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